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Arthritis Research UK

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Danielle Waldron. Wow very Eloquent but my heart is broken by your stoicism as a family. Amelia and Harry and George I want to wrap you with a massive big cuddle you are making both your parents proud. So humbled to know you.
Melissa Brown comments
Arthritis Research UK

Key deliverables:

  • Campaign Creative Concept
  • Content Production
  • Online Distribution Strategy alongside TV advertising
  • Case study management

Summary: Shape History were commissioned by Arthritis Research UK to create a beautiful and compelling social media campaign to complement their TV advertising, raising awareness of those with the disease being unable to speak openly with their family members, for risk of worrying them.

Emote: We personified the issue, using two real arthritis sufferers from two different backgrounds. In their own words, they spoke of how they struggled to share their feelings with others. What they didn’t realise was their family was listening in from the next room, providing genuine reactions to the things they were saying. In the end we reunited them for a powerful ending message.

Educate: Through the sharing of experiences, the issue was approached in an educational but contextual way. The two individuals could speak, free of judgement and stigma and educated audiences of the real impact the condition can have. The video pointed directed watches to the website, where they could engage with further education. The video also directly combatted the stigma around arthritis, dispelling myths and providing information on how families are affected.

Action: Audiences could share the video across social media, gaining traction and building awareness.

Result: The video launched across social media channels and racked up over 330K views on Facebook alone, with a further 2.7K shares.