British Pregnancy Advisory Service: Just Say Non!

Women living in the UK pay one of the highest costs for emergency contraception in the developed world, they are also stigmatised by consultations in busy pharmacies. Shape history was commissioned to create a fun and satirical campaign that helps raise awareness about this issue.

Emote: We created this tongue-in-cheek video to capture audiences all across the UK, showing women how else they could spend £30.

Educate: To further educate audiences about the extortionate costs, we created a landing page dedicated to the campaign, The site contains key stats and shareable content.

Action: Taking action couldn’t be simpler. We are aiming to build a movement of British people through a dedicated sign up action list on the landing page. We also created an undercover experiment to evaluate the reaction of pharmacies when confronted with a man wanting to buy EC for his girlfriend.

Result: 660k views and 1.5k shares across digital channels. Coverage incentivised across, VICE, Buzzfeed, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Independent, Elle, New Statesman and many others. We also noted huge inconsistencies with pharmaceuticals policy on who can purchase the pill, as well as a postcode lottery on the cost.

Key Deliverables:

  • Campaign design, branding & strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Filmed video content
  • Web design
  • Social Media Consultancy and Implementation
  • Launch strategy and distribution





Mike Buonaiuto

Executive Director


Alex NewAlex Thompson-Armstrong

Head of Campaigns and Communications