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Hope Not Hate

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Curtain Twitchers

Our new video 'Curtain Twitchers' is a light take on a serious subject – register to vote by the *7th June* deadline or miss out on your chance to vote in the EU Referendum.Register now:

Posted by HOPE not hate on Tuesday, 31 May 2016
Eu Referendum - Don't lose the change to vote in the EU referendum - Hope not Hate
Hope not Hate

Key deliverables:

  • Campaign design, branding & strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Filmed video content
  • Social Media Consultancy and Implementation
  • Launch strategy and distribution

Summary: The EU referendum in the UK was possibly one of the most momentous decision in British politics for decades. We partnered with Hope Not Hate to create a fun video showing senior citizens stopping young people voting.

Emote: We created a filmed video, along with other social media assets to be use don Facebook to incentivise a youth drive to vote.

Educate: All content pointed back to the dedicated website on Hope Not Hate where they could learn more about the referendum.

Action: Viewers were prompted to vote and directed to local polling stations and the governments website.

Result: Over 320,000 views on social media, starting thousands of conversations online.