World Hepatitis Alliance: NOhep


Summary: Shape History, alongside the World Hepatitis Alliance, developed and delivered a digital strategy to build a global campaign to eliminate hepatitis by 2030. This included creating all content for the campaign, from logos, infographic and t-shirts to the animation, website and press outreach.

Emote: We created an entirely new movement campaign and brand to unite hepatitis activists, launching on World Hepatitis Day at Piccadilly Circus, London and online through a bespoke website, PSA video and social media outreach.

Educate: The new site held an animation, hundreds of resources in all official UN languages and functionality such as editable posters and shareable facts for activists to learn about the campaign and actively participate.

Action: Viewers were prompted to sign up to the movement, and send their own content to show on the site.

Result: A truly global uptake of the hashtag on social media, over 270,000 views on Youtube and over a thousand activist sign ups from across all continents.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 14.23.21
nohep logo

Key deliverables:

  • Campaign design, branding & strategy
  • Graphic design of multiple digital and real-world resources
  • Movement Website platform & splash page production
  • Social Media Consultancy and Implementation
  • Launch strategy and distribution

Summary: To launch World Hepatitis Day 2017, we developed a new creative strategy that focused on growing the Hepatitis community from outside their existing supporters.

Emote: We really wanted to humanise the movement, making it something that is tangible for everyone to get behind and focus heavily on the personal stories of individuals. To achieve this we ran with a simple creative strategy; develop materials alongside activists, using faces of many of those affected around the world. We then helped build a tool that allowed anyone online upload their own photo and share their message.

Educate: To continue raising awareness of the direct health consequence of hepatitis, we developed a series of infographics that brought to life the goals and challenges.