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Together we have: shifted public perceptions and amplified the right to protest in Brazil and Kenya

Key deliverables:

  • Campaign design, branding & strategy
  • Flagship video

Summary: In 2019 we were commissioned by Article 19 in collaboration with regional offices Artigo 19 and Article 19 Eastern Africa to design a behaviour change campaign to influence public opinion and maximise amplification around the right to protest.

While every citizen in Kenya has the right to protest under the 2010 Constitution, the civil and political rights are significantly undermined by both restrictive legislation on public order and police brutality.

Since 2013 there has been an intensification of the State response to protest in Brazil, matched with a number of political and social developments that seek to undermine and threaten social movements, with many fearing violence.

Results: Our research driven strategy analysing public sentiment around the right to protest created a strong alternative narrative that could challenge the commonly held stereotypes around protest.

Members of the public were reached through flagship videos featuring grassroots activists and footage from recent protests in both Kenya and Brazil. Other creative elements, such as graphics memes and GIFs were used to generate public discussion around key themes around protest. 

  • The #FreeToProtest Kenya campaign reached 1.3 million people across Facebook and Twitter with ad spend of under £700.
  • We collected 745 signatures and had 24,017 click throughs for our petition in Kenya.
  • The #LivreParaProtestar Brazil campaign reached 110,623 people.
  • Our flagship video used in Kenya received 100,000 views with an impressive 24,239 Thruplays.