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Grandparents Plus

TOGETHER WE HAVE HELPED: Mobilise kinship parents
across the UK to target their elected representatives.

Grandparents Plus

Key deliverables:

  • Creative Campaign Concept
  • Video Production
  • Case Study Management
  • Accompanying Digital Assets
  • Campaign Language and Key Messaging

Summary: National charities Grandparents Plus and Family Lives, tasked Shape History to develop an engaging and emotive piece of film that raises awareness of kinship carers.

Emote: Using a real kinship carer, Rochelle shared her honest experiences of becoming a full-time guardian to her two granddaughters. We used a social experiment to engage directly with the public.

Educate: The video educated audiences on what a kinship carer is and went into detail about what events can lead to someone becoming a kinship carer.

Action: Audiences were asked to share the video, in order to let kinship carers know that you ‘see them,’ making them more visible in society.

 Result: The video received over 100k views in 48hours.