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Together we have: conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis of Christmas Campaigns in the previous year

Key deliverables:

  • A report outlining competitor KPIs
  • A presentation on results at Shelter’s HQ

Summary: Shape History was commissioned by Shelter to build a comprehensive report examining competitor Christmas campaigns. We delivered a high-quality report, supported by statistics, providing an overview of digital impressions, reach, online and offline ad-spend, integration of events, and creative quality of all assigned Christmas campaigns. We found what made each campaign memorable and studied each campaign from a creative and strategic standpoint, to discover what makes a successfully emotive Christmas campaign. Shape History presented this to Shelter as a comprehensive 90 slide report, which allowed Shelter to understand our recommendations both at the in-person presentation and in their own time.

Results: We presented a 90 slide report that analysed the creative, channel output, reach, and success of multiple Christmas campaigns to build a cohesive picture of the Christmas campaign space that could inform Shelter’s approaches to Christmas campaigns in the future.