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The Elders 

Bring Mandela’s vision to a new generation of young activists.

#walktogether "Sparks of Hope" ç

Key deliverables:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content and Brand Development
  • Campaign Launch

Summary: Founded by Nelson Mandela, The Elders are a collection of independent global leaders, who’ve come together to facilitate change. In celebration of 10 years of the organisation, Shape History was commissioned to create digital assets for their Walk Together campaign, as well as the development of social media strategies.

Emote: We developed creative content for use online, to educate and capture audiences, drawing inspiration from Mandela and inviting a global audience to continue his Long Walk to Freedom. Shape History took over the daily social media management across their official Facebook and Twitter profiles, sharing emotive content, such as prolific figures across industries walking in another’s shoes and reaching new audiences.

Educate: The campaign signposted audiences to a bespoke website built to engage younger audiences with Mandela’s mission and communicate their success. Resources such as inspiring and educational content could be downloaded & shared, as well as stories uploaded. This achieved The Elders’ goal of building global unity and supporting civil society on issues of peace, health, justice and equality.

Action: We wanted to inspire audiences to walk in another’s shoes for a day by inviting a global audience to share their own images of themselves physically walking in others shoes. Using the #WalkTogether hashtag, we’ve begun building a movement and inspiring others to continue the work that Mandela and The Elders do.

Result: Over 5,000 individual users have posted a tweet containing the hashtag #WalkTogether and in total this has an estimated reach of over 33,000,000 people. The Facebook page has received over 2000 likes since the campaign launched, with almost 2,000,000 impressions.