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Bite Back 2030
Project:  Digital Campaign and Stunt Cause:  Public Health Deliverables: Campaign, Content, Digital, Print

Bite Back 2030 is a youth-led charity campaigning for a healthier generation. We worked with their Youth Board – a team of passionate teenage activists – on a stunt to get their Don't Hide What's Inside campaign noticed by some big players in business and government. Our creative idea made health claims on food labels a talking point of the public, press and policy makers, with media stories about the stunt reaching over 80 million readers and raised in the House of Lords. Read on to find out just how we made labels cool and called out Kellogg's.


Big brands are profiting off misleading health claims. By putting health buzzwords like 'high fibre' 'natural' and 'full of vitamins', (and not mentioning the huge amount of sugar in one bite) brands lead the public to buy food that they think is much more balanced than it actually is.


A world where brands recognise the responsibility they have to customers through transparent and honest labelling.


We created our own product, using the big brands' own tactics, to highlight how easy it is to mislead the public. Then we launched it with a crazy stunt that picked up press, combined with targeted social media to make government take note.

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Our Work

We invented our own product, müd, which had all the same health claims as Kellogg’s products… and they were all true. So while Kellogg’s hid their sugar content, we were hiding our muddy roots.

Making it real

We branded, designed and printed packaging for the product and set up an instagram account for the brand inspired by up and coming health products. We reached 209k impressions on Instagram of people engaging and getting excited.

Giving it away

At this point, we’d got the attention of the public but the next step was making brands and government take note. So for the climax of the campaign, we organised a huge stunt that captured the attention of the press… showing up to Kellogg’s HQ with a year’s supply of dirt. It was a big giveaway.

We filmed the whole thing and edited video content, being super speedy with social to post our ‘reveal-reel’ across the müd and Bite Back 2030 channels the same day. The two videos created a buzz, receiving 150k views on Instagram.

The social and traditional media attention made misleading labelling a talking point in government. We’re hoping to see it become a priority for brands, too. See the idea being talked about in The House of Lords here.