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Here Are Your Anti-Racist UK Resources

This list of UK-focused resources has been compiled by members of the Shape History team.

You might be feeling overwhelmed on social media over the last few days you may be  feeling overwhelmed with the amount of news and content out there about George Floyd, police brutality, as well as wider conversations around structural racism against the Black community both in the US and here in the UK.

George Floyd memorial poster

This is to provide those who want to actively support the Black community with practical tips to move forward and make structural change in our society. This is primarily aimed to serve white and non black people of colour in the UK to deepen our anti-racism understanding and work. If you haven’t already engaged in this type of work, now is the time. This is by no way an exhaustive list of people we’ve learned from. Do not demand education from black people, learn from what they have already publicly provided. It is not their responsibility, it’s yours. 

As Brittany N. Packnett Cunnigham, American activist and co-founder of Campaign Zero said “WORK. Don’t just post about it. Be about it.” If you are white, be an accomplice to lift people of colour up with your privilege they will never have, wherever you are in the world.

| Sign a petition 

If you demand sustainable solutions that affirms the prosperity of Black lives around the world, take a look at some of the petitions below, see their demands and get involved. 

For Belly Mujinga: 

For George Floyd: 

For Shukri Abdi: 

For Tony McDade:

More petitions:

| Write to your MP

Write to your local MP to demand radical change. There have been templates written already so it’s really very easy.

Find your local MP here

Template for Belly Mujinga: 

Template for George Floyd: 

| Read and read some more

It might not be easy to come to terms with your white privilege but it is necessary to feel guilt and shame during the process. Note that you should not centre this narrative around yourself. 

Shorter reads:

Black Lives Matter and so does our Political ParticipationRee Ree

How to be actively anti-racist, Almaz Ohene  

Racism Scale – How Racist Are you?C. Demnowicz

How to overhaul the creative industry, Almaz Ohene  

Black Radical Reading List, Verso Books


Longer reads:

Why I’m not longer talking to white people about race, Reni Eddo-Lodge

The Good Immigrant, Nikesh Shukla

Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire, Akala 

When They Call You A Terrorist, Patrice Khan-Cullors 

Hostile Environment, Maya Goodfellow 

| Watch these TV shows and films

Why not get off social media for a while and watch some powerful content which will educate you further?

13th (Netflix)

When They See Us (Netflix) 

The Hard Stop

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

I am not your Negro – James Baldwin Documentary (2016)

| Listen to these podcasts

Listen to something new and keep up to date with the latest conversations and developments.

Seeing White

Code Switch

The Diversity Gap

Pod Save the People

Momentum: A race forward podcast

| Follow these organisations on social media 

Simple, powerful, informative content can be found on the following channels.

Imkaan | @imkaan | /imkaan

Ubele Initiative | @ubeleinitiative | ubeleinitiative | /ubeleinitiative/

Gal-dem | @galdemzine | galdemzine | /galdemzine/

#CharitySoWhite | @CharitySoWhite

Runnymede Trust | @RunnymedeTrust | runnymedeTrust |  /runnymedetrust/

| Donate to these causes

Put your money where your mouth is – if you’re able to donate, please support by clicking one of the below. If you can’t decide, why not split your donation to 40 community bail funds using Act Blue

Support the family of Belly Mujinga, a TFL worker who died after being spat on intentionally by a COVID-19 carrier, with the BTP refusing to investigate

Gofundme page for Jennie Sablayan, NHS nurse 

UK QTIBIPOC Relief Fund, for those going through hardship

Pink Protest, to pay racial justice organisers, activists, artists and caregivers

Minnesota Freedom Fund for protestors

Reclaim the Block 


You have a voice, use it at the polls. We must elect  candidates who will act on reform. Here’s how you can register to vote in both the UK and the US. 

Register to vote in the UK:

Register to vote in the US:

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