Corporate LGBTQI+ Allyship: Moving Beyond Rainbow Logos

Shape History's Callum Jackson Challenges Performative Allyship in Corporate Communications

Authors: Callum Jackson
  • Reading time: 1 min.
  • Posted on: July 3, 2024

In a timely PRWeek article, Shape History’s Strategy Lead Callum Jackson challenges corporate LGBTQI+ communications, arguing that authentic allyship requires more than just rainbow logos.

As Election Day 2024 approaches, this piece serves as a crucial reminder to look beyond performative gestures in both politics and business.

Key insights from this piece include:

  • Performative allyship is insufficient: Companies need to demonstrate year-round commitment to LGBTQI+ equality, not just during Pride month.
  • Actions over words: Genuine allyship involves inclusive policies, diverse hiring practices, and ongoing support for LGBTQI+ causes.
  • Authenticity is key: Consumers and employees can identify inauthentic allyship attempts. Businesses must align their values with consistent actions.Jackson’s critique prompts important questions for Election Day 2024:

This article challenges readers to reflect on their own approach to LGBTQI+ allyship and consider how we can create substantive change in our communities and workplaces.