“Give An X” Campaign Launches to get more young people registered to vote

Authors: Lauren Kay-Lambert
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  • Posted on: April 16, 2024

Fewer than 1 in 5 young people trust politicians, as youth organisations urge them to ‘Give An X’ and register to vote ahead of deadline

  • Shape History has joined forces with youth-focused #iWill Movement and My Life My Say to launch the ‘Give an X’ campaign, encouraging young people to register to vote ahead of the deadline on 16th April.
  • Data from youth-led charity My Life My Say also reveals nearly half of young people (44 per cent) believe their vote won’t make a difference in an election.
  • One in three young people (aged 18-34) in England are not currently registered to vote, equivalent to an estimated 4.3 million individuals which would represent the second largest city in England.
  • ‘Give an X’ and National Voter Registration Day (16th April) is set to be the UK’s largest youth-focused mobilisation to date, with the campaign leading the charge towards a more inclusive and representative electoral process.

Ahead of National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday 16th April, new research from My Life My Say, a youth-led non-partisan charity, has revealed concerns that fewer than one in five young people (19 per cent) trust politicians, with nearly half (44 per cent) believing their vote won’t make a difference.National Voter Registration Day is the deadline for registering for this year’s local and mayoral elections on 2nd May and the three organisations have joined forces to launch the ‘Give an X’ campaign, encouraging as many young people as possible to register to vote and make their voices heard.

The campaign comes with most recent estimates revealing that as many as 4.3 million young people in England aren’t currently registered to vote – a figure that would represent the UK’s second largest city.

My Life My Say’s latest findings from their Youth Index, based on Opinium polling of 18 to 24-year-olds, revealed just a quarter of young people (24 per cent) believe that their needs are regularly considered by politicians, while less than a third (28 per cent) feel those in charge of Britain over the last few decades have done a good job of making decisions that have had a positive impact on their lives.

The ‘Give an X’ campaign is urging these silent voices to take just five minutes to register to vote, so they can have a say on the issues they find most critical – including the cost of living (59%), the NHS (29%) and housing (25%).

Lauren Kay-Lambert, co-Managing Director, at Shape History, said:

“Empowering youth voices lies at the core of this campaign, driving every aspect from its visual identity to crafting its message. We refuse to relegate youth to the sidelines or overlook their significance. Our mission is clear: you don’t need to be an expert in politics to exercise your right to vote; rather, it’s the authenticity of your life experiences and fervour for key issues that are reason enough. Embracing this inclusive vision of voting, we aim to fortify our democracy, ensuring it resonates with every voice and reflects the diversity of our society.”

Sharon Gaffka, campaign spokesperson and former Love Island contestant, said:

“I’m honoured to be a part of the ‘Give an X’ campaign, championing empowerment led by young people, for young people. Speaking from my experience on Love Island, I’ve witnessed the passion of young individuals when they feel connected to a cause, but nothing is more important than our democracy. It’s crucial for young voices to be heard by policymakers on issues that matter to them and register to vote before Tuesday April 16th. It takes minutes but can have a huge impact!”

The ‘Give an X’ campaign is leading the charge towards a more inclusive and representative electoral process, bringing together a diverse coalition of brands, youth voices, institutions and organisations to advance education and build an informed, engaged electorate.

The coalition so far includes iconic names such as Ben & Jerry’s, Spareroom, Lime, Premier League football clubs and more, with planned activities ranging from enticing competitions and giveaways to targeted social media campaigns and special promotions. This includes Lime, which will be offering 15,000 free bike rides with voting-themed bike wraps, and Premier League football clubs, which will include QR codes in their match day programmes.

Dan Lawes, Head of Partnerships, at My Life My Say said: “Young people across the nation are facing unprecedented challenges – from soaring living costs to mental health crises. On National Voter Registration Day, we are proud to be standing with hundreds of organisations with one collective message – young peoples’ voices matter. It’s a call to action for every young person to step up, be counted, and shape the future they want to see.

“The ‘Give an X’ coalition stands firm in the belief that young peoples’ views need to be heard in the upcoming elections, which is why we are on a mission to get every single young person voting. By listening to young peoples’ voices, we can strengthen our democracy and to make it truly inclusive for all.”

Last year the UK Government introduced a requirement to present a photo ID when visiting a polling station. A full list of suitable forms of ID can be found on the Government’s website, and for those who do not have a proof of identification listed, or would like to do so, can apply for a voter authority certificate by searching ‘apply for voter id’ or visiting the Government’s website by 5pm on Wednesday 24th April.

To get your voice heard, search ‘register to vote’ today.

For press enquiries please contact Nuala Ginty at Shape History.