Fairer, Faster: songs that mean something

Authors: Rochelle Shanthakumar,
  • Posted on: February 3, 2021

Mad at the world? At lockdown? At Wednesdays? We’ve got a playlist for that.

For marginalised groups around the world, protest music has always been a source of strength, resilience and expression. From indigenous rights to civil war, race struggles to trans rights and beyond, every decade has a sonic time capsule that reflects its history and social change.

There are artists whose existence and representation is in itself an act of resistance, taking up the space otherwise denied to them. For others, it’s about bringing those issues out of the shadows and into the public consciousness.

Music is a powerful tool that can transcend labels and cultures. It connects us to a deeper, universal shared human experience.

It’s also one of the few sources of inspiration that we can still access during lockdown. To that end, we’ve decided to put together Fairer, Faster: a social impact playlist full of songs we love that mean something.

Every other week, I (Rochelle, planning lead and resident DJ) will be highlighting one of my favourite tracks from the playlist over on our Instagram @Shape_History, and sharing a little bit about what makes it a social impact anthem.

Listen to the full playlist here: https://spoti.fi/39Asj3a

Happy listening!