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Together we have: created the campaign Remain should have run in 2016

Key deliverables:

  • Campaign design, branding & strategy
  • Campaign launch
  • Social media communications
  • Flagship video

Summary: Why were the country’s top strategists and creatives getting the campaign to remain in the European Union wrong? They were using the wrong arguments. Unlike emotions, the factual arguments failed to convince. There hadn’t been a sufficient enough argument that created an emotional connection between people and the European Union.

Results: We created the Where We Stand campaign utilising emotional drivers. At a time when politicians have lost so much of the public’s trust, we identified cases in which European funding has benefited local communities and people across the UK, letting them be the bearers of our message. We created a positive case for Europe to reinforce the benefits for the UK, contrasting with campaigns that shied away from this and instead used ineffective scaremongering.

  • In the first week alone, the campaign was viewed nearly a million times, smashing industry standards for engagement rates in the process.
  • 1 in 4 people watching the full 75 second campaign flagship video online, with click through rates (CTRs) on some ads as high as 10%.
  • Thousands have spent up to 3 minutes deepening their engagement with our interactive map on the campaign landing page.