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Together we have: empowered frontline activists and elevated global human rights efforts

Key deliverables:

  • Flagship animation
  • Website redesign

Summary: The Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR) is a public foundation empowering frontline activists to strengthen human rights and create lasting change around the world, but it lacked a clear way of showcasing the significant work done by its staff and grantees, missing an opportunity to highlight its global breadth and scope.

Results: We redesigned and developed a new website to elevate the human rights funder’s public image, diversify funding and showcase the invaluable work done by staff and grantees.

We created more streamlined journeys  in the early phases, and brought these into development with slide and scroll functionality. A new interactive map brings to life where funds have been invested across the world. All features were designed to encourage longer site visits and elevate the organisation’s digital proposition to users, enabling FGHR to showcase its work to more people.

We created a new flagship animation that tells the story of Fund’s journey and that which its grantees take in the fight for global human rights using case studies and a handmade feel visual style that leaves room for diversity and self expression.

  • +32% increase in users compared to 2018
  • +30% increase in new users compared to 2018
  • +29% increase in sessions compared to 2018
  • +5% increase in page sessions compared to 2018

Robin Pierro, FGHR’s Head of Communications, said:

“Working with Shape History throughout this website redesign process has been an absolute pleasure – and we could not be more thrilled with the final result!”