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Project:  Where We Stand Cause:  Policy Deliverables: Purpose Advertising & Campaigns, Research & Strategy

Together with Best for Britain, we launched Where We Stand, the campaign Remain should have run in the 2016 referendum. With this campaign having been viewed over a million times, it has deepened engagement around the issue of Brexit, and encouraged over 100,000 people to click through to register to vote in the run up to the 2019 general election.


How do we craft the right pro-European argument when hundreds of the country’s top strategists and creatives have tried and failed?


To launch a behaviour change campaign that, despite the negative portrayal of Europe which has dominated narratives over the last 2 years, creates an emotional connection and makes people really believe in the European Union and its benefits for the UK.


We identified cases in which European funding has benefited local communities and people across the UK, letting them be the bearers of our message. We used this to create a positive case for Europe to reinforce the benefits for the UK, contrasting with campaigns instead used ineffective scaremongering. We also worked on two more campaigns with Best for Britain to encourage voter registration amongst young people in the 2019 General Election.

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