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#DanceForTheCongo official music video (Selfie Sway)

Do you love the rainforest so much that it makes you want to dance? 💚🌳 So do we! Show us your moves: raise your hand 🙌🏾 sway your hips - and you’re doing the Congo Selfie Sway! Here’s the song to dance to: your video in the comments below or on your own feed with the hashtag #DanceForTheCongoWe’ll share the best dances with people all over the world… and Greenpeace Africa will take them to a big UN meeting in November.

Posted by Greenpeace UK on Friday, 27 October 2017
Volkswagen doesn't want you to see this

We went undercover at a major car show to hear what car company employees have to say about diesel 🧐 Let's just say, it's not what Volkswagen want you to hear...Share to help get the truth out

Posted by Greenpeace UK on Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Key deliverables:

  • Video production
  • Campaign strategy
  • Social Media distribution


The Congo Basin Rainforest is the second largest on earth but its being destroyed more and more each year. We brought the power back to the people by creating a very fun and inspiring 45 second video using existing footage.
This comprised of group dance style videos or the “Congo Selfie Sway” which, in turn, created the #DanceFortheCongo.
This video was for general awareness raising, encouraging members of the public to share a video of them raising their hands and swaying their hips for a fantastic cause. We re-created this video in French, Portuguese and Spanish for multiple audiences.



We worked with Greenpeace on their #CleanAirNow campaign to produce shocking and informative films that show corruption in the automotive industry and shed-light on the cities in Europe that are paving the way in tackling air pollution.

– Greenpeace Undercover 

Summary: Volkswagen’s CEO Herbert Diess stated that “We need diesel…”, however, when Greenpeace went undercover at a motor show in Brussels, those who work at the heart of the industry claimed otherwise. This campaign is something quite unique for Greenpeace compared to their usual direct approach at tackling issues that need addressing. As well as editing the full length version of the video, we also produced a shorter cut which was suitable for all social media platforms. In order to allow the campaign to travel further, Spanish and Italian versions were also supplied.

Result: The full length video amassed over 140k views in its first week across Facebook and Twitter.

 The Top 5 Cities for Clean Transport in Europe

Summery: In a more positive light, Greenpeace turned their attention to the cities in Europe who are actively tackling air pollution. We produced a fun and shareable video that highlighted the ways in which Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Oslo, Zürich, Vienna are using innovative ways to lower pollution levels through transport. To gain maximum exposure, the video was edited in four versions; English, Spanish, Italian and German, which were suitable for all forms of social media.

Result: The English video surpassed 500k views within 10 days of its initial launch, with the Italian, Spanish and German versions amassing a combined 150k views.