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Provide mental health support to thousands of young people.

Key deliverables:

  • Initial brand development
  • Campaign and social media launch strategy
  • App development and testing
  • Creation of launch materials and video
  • Bespoke distribution lists and email strategy


Summary: A landmark digital campaign to change the way young people access healthcare, with brand, app, social & video content development featuring YouTube influencers.

Emote: We engaged the Youtube community to create a PSA video involving several influencers, and supported this with a series of printed materials, twitter videos and own Youtuber content.

Educate: All this content pointed to a bespoke landing page, which showcased the functionality of the app and housed the PSA.

Action: The landing page then pointed to the relevant app stores where young people could download the app.

Result: Hundreds of thousands of views across all content and hundreds of downloads on launch day alone, as well as follow up with national media.

48,000 downloads in London alone at the time of writing.

Kezia Eniang

Luke Cutforth

Lucy Moon

Hannah Witton


Riyadh Khalaf

Grace Victory

Channel A

Luke CUtforth