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Social Change In The News | 20.1.20

January Social Change News

Here’s our run down of 3 hot topics this week in social change…

1 | ‘Oh, Lord!’

As the government examines whether to move the House of Lords out of London in an effort to ‘reconnect’ politics with voters beyond the capital we’re questioning its motives. How exactly will York locals be expected to connect with the unelected upper house of Parliament? And has anyone taken into consideration the potential costs and logistics of this move?

What should meaningful decentralisation of power look like?


2 | $309

That was the amount left in Angola’s state oil company bank account after more than £40 million was transferred to an account in Dubai in 2017. Leaked documents have now implicated Isabel dos Santos, former Angolan president’s daughter and Africa’s richest woman. Santos is believed to have been exploiting her country in a series of lucrative deals involving land, oil, diamonds and telecoms during her father’s 38 year reign.

Shout out to the investigative journalists who uncovered the Luanda Leaks. What mechanisms do you think need to be in place to prevent future misuse of state assets? 


3 | The Good News in Numbers

Three brothers from Scotland have set 3 world records, rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in 35 days, while aiming to raise a quarter of a million for Scotland’s national children’s charity and Feedback Madagascar with every stroke.

HIV infections among gay and bi men fall by 73%, as the UK is on track to eliminate HIV transmission in the next 10 years.

Britain’s woodland cover has returned to medieval levels, covering 3.19 million hectares. With even more trees to come, we commend ‘rewilding’ efforts

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