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Social Change In The News | 13.1.20

Samira Ahmed, Extinction Rebellion, Labour Leadership Race

Here’s our run down of 3 hot topics this week in social change…

Win For Equal Pay  

BBC presenter Samira Ahmed wins the employment tribunal she brought against her employer in a dispute over equal pay. It is estimated that Samira was underpaid by £700,000 in comparison to her colleague Jeremy Vine. All arguments brought by the BBC to justify the difference in pay were insufficient according to the Tribunal.

With 20 similar cases in the pipeline of the tribunal system, we’re keeping an eye. (And so should you.)

‘Prevent’ Environmental Extremism?

The Guardian revealed that counter-terrorism police in the south-east listed the nonviolent climateemergency group Extinction Rebellion as an extremist ideology, alongside neo-Nazis and Islamistextremists, in a guide designed to help stop terrorist violence. Police now say that was an error. Today lawyers for Extension Rebellion are demanding the guide is withdrawn, not just recalled.

Legitimacy for the Prevent scheme comes in part from the confidence we all have in it. Where should we draw the line between lawful protest and disruption?


Catch 22  

Today was the deadline to get the backing of 22 MPs and MEPs in order to progress to the next stage of the Labour Party leadership contest. Clive Lewis withdrew before the deadline, while Emily Thornberry summoned last minute support to reach the next stage. Keir Starmer cemented his status as the favourite with Rebecca Long-Bailey,  Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips behind him.

Who are you backing and what should the future of the Labour Party look like?


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