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Social Change In The News | 10.2.20

Here’s our run down of 3 hot topics this week in social change… 1 | Government changes stance on Coronavirus Last week, the number of confirmed UK cases of Coronavirus rose from 4 to 8. This increased number of cases…

3 mins
DiversityLGBTI RightsPolitics

Social Change In The News | 03.2.20

Here’s our run down of 3 hot topics this week in social change… 1 | The Elephant in the Room The UK has officially left the EU. At the same time, the European Commission has made 10 million euros available…

3 mins
Charity MarketingEnvironmentalismGlobal HealthcarePolitics

Social Change In The News | 27.1.20

Here’s our run down of 3 hot topics this week in social change… 1 | The role of data & digital in the latest outbreak of Coronavirus As the death toll and number of those affected rise, we examine the…

3 mins
DataDigitalGlobal HealthcareGovernanceWHO

Data & Digital – The Global Response to Coronavirus

How can data and digital help in global health emergencies like the latest outbreak of coronavirus? Timely and accurate information to assess the outbreak of the coronavirus is, and will continue to be, key to control the response. As we…

4 mins
EnvironmentalismPoliticsSocial Change

Social Change In The News | 20.1.20

Here’s our run down of 3 hot topics this week in social change… 1 | ‘Oh, Lord!’ As the government examines whether to move the House of Lords out of London in an effort to ‘reconnect’ politics with voters beyond…

3 mins
EnvironmentalismEqual PayPolitics

Social Change In The News | 13.1.20

Here’s our run down of 3 hot topics this week in social change… 1 | Win For Equal Pay   BBC presenter Samira Ahmed wins the employment tribunal she brought against her employer in a dispute over equal pay. It is…

3 mins

Representation: The Power of Hair

When the film industry birthed Black Panther, Deadpool 2, and Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse earlier on this year, I rushed to Twitter to tweet about them, as it’s so rare to see natural black, afro or mixed hair shown front…

4 mins
Boris JohnsonDFIDElectionPolitics

What does a DFID merger with the FCO mean?

After his landslide election victory, Boris Johnson’s attention is now turning to the shape of government: planning on restructuring departments and having a clearout of Ministers. This likely means the Department for International Development (DFID) will be dissolved and merged…

3 mins
FeminismGender EqualityReligionWomen's Rights

A Man, in a Woman’s World, in a Man’s World: 72 Hours in Rome

When I started at Shape History, I didn't expect to be in a room full of Catholic nuns in Rome. Photo: Voices of Faith As a lifelong non-Catholic, it wasn’t exactly on my radar and I wasn’t too sure what…
6 mins
ChristmasCompetitionHistory ShaperImpactProject Announcement

The Little Things: History Shaper Alternative Christmas Ad Launches

Imagine you’re just starting to think about having a family, or you’re just hitting your stride with your career. These are just 2 of the endless possibilities you could be facing in your 30s. Now imagine all of that, and…

4 mins
CommentaryDigital MarketingPolitics

A look into the digital battleground on Facebook this election

Election battlegrounds around the world are increasingly moving into the digital world. The UK’s 2019 snap election is no different. In fact, more than any other that has gone before it, this December election is one that will be both…

10 mins
ActivismClimate ChangeEnvironmentalismExperiential Marketing

The Art of Persuading Those in Denial

Art exercises our imagination and gets us to experience the world differently. It disrupts and provokes empathy – cutting through the passive manner in which we engage with digital media. Against a backdrop of distrust, fake news, and rejections of…

7 mins
AnimationHuman RightsProject AnnouncementWeb Design

Fund for Global Human Rights Launches New Website & Flagship Animation

We’re proud and excited to announce the launch of the Fund for Global Human Rights’ (FGHR) new website and flagship animation, the latest projects from our partnership with the Washington DC-based foundation.  Initially, FGHR commissioned Shape History to redesign and…

3 mins

How to end a genocide, the tasty way

Meat alternatives are everywhere: plant-based sausages in the pork aisles, Impossible Meat burgers in restaurants, veggie Prets popping up all over the country. It’s a clean meat revolution! But for human meat-eaters, these alternatives just don’t cut it – and…

4 mins
Behaviour ChangeCampaignsDigital MarketingProject Announcement

European Campaign With Best for Britain Surpasses Industry Benchmarks

Earlier this month, we launched one of our biggest political campaigns to date in partnership with Best for Britain, a pro-Remain political campaigning group. In the first week alone, the campaign was viewed nearly a million times, smashing industry standards…

4 mins

History Shaper Christmas Special 2019

It’s been an incredible year for Shape History, launching new campaigns, expanding exciting partnerships, doubling the size of our team and moving office. So, to top off our most successful year ever, we’ve decided to launch our History Shaper Christmas Special.…

5 mins
ActivismCampaignsDigital MarketingFacebookPoliticsWeaponised Data

Why Facebook & the Electoral Commission must crack-down on political weaponised data.

Ever heard of the anonymised, political Facebook groups that gather data and then disappear within weeks of opening, with no obligation to declare any of their funding to the Electoral Commission? Or how it’s impossible to know if the same…

ActivismLGBTI Rights

Fighting for rights without taking to the streets – the battle for LGBTI rights in Kenya

On a recent work trip to Kenya, Shape History’s Strategy Lead, Lewis Parker, met with the National Gay and Lesbian Commission of Kenya (NGLHRC) to learn about the importance of using the judiciary together with communications advocacy to produce change…

9 mins
ActivismCampaignsGender EqualityLGBTI Rights

Health Secretary preaches LGBTI rights but snubs Northern Ireland marriage equality

Actions speak louder than words – isn’t that what we are told? I was delighted to attend the Pink News Westminster event last night at Church House.  An opportunity for me to speak with the LGBT community and MPs, and tell…

3 mins

PODCAST: Can the ad industry save the world?

In a recent open letter, Extinction Rebellion challenged the advertising industry to lead the fight against climate change. Shape History has answered the call, bringing Extinction Rebellion together with key industry leaders in a landmark podcast to discuss the practicalities,…

45 mins

Is your Glastonbury experience killing the planet?

Glastonbury 2019 has opened its gates and 200,000 wellie-decked revellers are currently descending on Somerset with their tents, cooler boxes and patterned shirts. But how many of them realise the massive collective environmental impact they will have at this iconic…

5 mins
Gender Equality

Preventing Northern Irish same-sex couples from getting married not only shuts them out of their communities but also their churches, something I’ve experienced first hand.

Have you ever attended a Christian wedding? No? OK, have you ever watched Four Weddings And A Funeral? Right, so that’s everyone else. In that case, you all know the drill. Bride walks down the aisle. There’s a prayer. Vows declared. Rings exchanged. The minister pronounces them husband and wife. They are married. Except, they’re not – only once they sign their marriage license is it legally recognised.

5 mins
Gender Equality

Women Deliver Day 3 — Education is a fundamental basic human right.

This week at the Women Deliver 2019 conference, Justin Trudeau announced that his government would increase Canada’s global investment in women’s health to $1.4 billion a year starting in 2023. Therefore, it was no surprise that the narrative throughout today surrounded women’s healthcare, most prominently reproductive rights.

4 mins

Women Deliver Day 2 — Movement Intersectionality, That Gillette Ad, and Changing the Investment Paradigm

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you wake up and stare at your wardrobe, undecided as to what to wear?…

4 mins

Women Deliver Day 1 — The Verdict

Yesterday, over 8,000 people piled into Vancouver, Canada, for the start of Women Deliver…

3 mins

Why I take issue with my brother being cast as a terrorist.

Why aren’t mainstream channels doing more to counteract the damaging racial stereotypes about minorities?…

7 mins
Social Change

The (real) price of medical cannabis in the UK.

Medical cannabis should be more accessible for patients and must be subsidised by the NHS…

6 mins

Why is Steve Bannon opening an Alt-Right Academy in Italy? And why we must intercept hate on the ground.

Another day, another stranger than fiction story about the extreme right-wing….

3 mins

Hacking Parliament: has Extinction Rebellion changed anything?

There’s been a refreshing shift in the news coverage of the last couple of weeks…

4 mins

The science every campaigner should know about before mobilising teenagers.

Galvanising support from younger generations can transform a social change campaign into a genuine global movement…

5 mins
Responsible Business

Want sustainable startups? Teach young CEOs how to manage their mental health

Being a young CEO means jumping into the unknown, learning the limits of your comfort zones…

8 mins

Its time the Queen stood up against Bruneis new LGBT stoning laws, as their Commonwealth monarch.

Calls for boycotts of Brunei owned businesses have mobilised online…

3 mins
Charity MarketingResponsible Business

The 4 lessons weve learnt as our startup reaches its 4th birthday

Most entrepreneurs are haunted by the statistic that 90% of businesses fail within their first 3 years…

6 mins
Charity Marketing

Why every Friday our entire company works from home & why it will transform your business.

Along with being a social change communications agency working exclusively with good causes…

5 mins
Charity Marketing

Why every CEO should quit their job — if only for a month — to escape their fear of failure.

I’ve spent the last few weeks doing something I’ve not done since founding Shape History…

8 mins
ActivismResponsible Business

Our Top 5 Soundbites of The Social Good Summit 2018

As the world’s governments and global decision-makers descended into New York on Sunday afternoon…

4 mins



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