European Campaign With Best for Britain Surpasses Industry Benchmarks

Earlier this month, we launched one of our biggest political campaigns to date in partnership with Best for Britain, a pro-Remain political campaigning group. In the first week alone, the campaign was viewed nearly a million times, smashing industry standards for engagement rates in the process.

Authors: Ed Fletcher
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  • Posted on: September 13, 2019

The ‘Where We Stand’ campaign opposes the negative portrayal of Europe which has dominated narratives over the last 2 years. It makes the positive case for Europe which the official 2016 Remain campaign, and all other national anti-Brexit campaigns since, have shied away from. 

Seven days on from launch and the campaign has received extraordinary engagement online, with many users dubbing it “the campaign the Government should have been run in 2016”. In just the first week, the video has been watched almost 1 million times. 1 in 4 people watching the full 75 second campaign flagship video online, with click through rates (CTRs) on some ads as high as 10%. 

Thousands have spent up to 3 minutes deepening their engagement with our interactive map on the campaign landing page.  The purpose of the bespoke page is to provide a learning platform for users to understand more about projects and people that have benefited from European support. 

We’re particularly proud of the fact that our incredible team produced the campaign – which covers 9 projects from 6 counties across the UK – in just 6 weeks. As well as the flagship video, we also produced over 90 supporting graphic assets using our neuromarketing expertise to craft multi-layered, tailored messaging, which will be distributed across social media over the next few weeks. 

Ed Fletcher, Managing Director at Shape History 

 “We were hugely excited when Best for Britain approached us to produce this campaign – we absolutely agreed that the public deserved to see a positive campaign to reinforce the UK’s relationship with Europe, rather than the ineffective scaremongering of 2016.”

“At a time when politicians have lost so much of the public’s trust, we wanted to focus on the people that really matter, and create a platform for them to tell their unheard stories. It’s been a monumental team effort and the initial success of the campaign is a testament to that fact.” 

Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain:

Shape History were given a tough assignment: to create the campaign Remain should have run in 2016. With the process of leaving the EU at a critical juncture, and with the country teetering on the edge of a cliff-edge Brexit, a campaign that could engage with undecided voters and get out the message that the EU stands with us was vital.

Earlier this month, Government adviser Dominic Cummings suggested remainers needed to get outside of London to speak with real people. Phase two of the campaign activated this week, with projections of campaign messaging and that of the local people featured on buildings in Manchester (coinciding with the Conservative Party Conference), Bradford, Stoke, Swansea and ending in London. 

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