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Comic Con, MCM: #LGBTSuperheroes

bring accurate LGBT diversity to the big screen.

Key deliverables:

  • Campaign design, branding & strategy
  • Content development across fim and graphics
  • Landing page development
  • Social Media Consultancy and Implementation
  • Launch strategy and distribution


Part of our History Shaper programme.

Summary: A global campaign to challenge diversity in cinema and target DC and Marvel.

Emote: Iceman, Mystique, Catwoman and many other well known superheroes are written as LGBT in the comic books, only to then appear as ‘straight’ when they hit the big screen. In partnership with Comic Con, we created a suit of different pieces of content, including a complete mock-up trailer of what it would look like if Iceman were brought to life on screen accurately.

Educate: The trailer and other content sparked interest with news coverage and ignited social media conversations around hashtags. Coverage included LGBT specific media, however also popular culture media including Now This, Mashable and Huffington Post. All content signposted audiences to a landing page, to educate them further and turn them into advocates.

Action: The landing page provided a petition which targeted Marvel and DC, encouraging film studios to “stick to the script.”

Result: The trailer saw over 120,000 organic views on Youtube and over 400,000 views on Facebook. The petition landing page saw over 50,000 unique hits. The trailer was also exclusively screened at Comic Con, London to a live audience of over 500 people.