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Macmillan Cancer Support

make cancer care more inclusive.

Key deliverables:

  • Hidden Camera filming
  • Campaign strategy
  • Video Production and editing

Summary: A selection of content campaigns supporting Macmillan’s vision of an inclusive Britain, which extends Cancer care and begins to address patients as individual people.

  • Working with Macmillan’s incredible Inclusion team, we asked people to imagine a London where everyone did their bit to help those affected by Cancer though providing, amongst other things, access to events, transport and support.

  • We created a hidden-camera video focused on interweaving the aims of the Cancer Open London strategy into a series of real life surprises for two inspirational individuals affected by Cancer.

  • The aim is to inform and inspire viewers, turning them into advocates of Macmillan’s push towards a more inclusive, and caring, London.

  • We completed the project by producing a selection of films addressing diversity amongst cancer patients and the need for better inclusivity.

Together we have helped:
improve patients’ experience of the surgical pathway

Key deliverables:

  • 1x, 3 minute “root” animation with an English voiceover and subtitles.
  • 3x live action films, containing an English voiceover and subtitles, lasting between 2-5 minutes long.

Summary: Together with Macmillan Cancer Support and St George’s Hospital, we created one animation and three live actions videos to improve patients’ experience of the surgical pathway. The root animation did not feature any human characteristics and we created characters which are non gender/race specific, to ensure it appealed to a diverse range of people. We filmed three videos in person so that audiences could have a more in depth understanding of what they would experience by doctors and surgeons.

The animation and videos aimed to raise awareness of the Surgical Pathway Experience with patients, families and healthcare workers whilst reducing the feelings of disempowerment people may experience when being admitted to hospital. All of the content sits on St George’s NHS Trust website and is aimed primarily at people undergoing an elective surgical procedure here at St George’s University Hospitals.