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communicate the need for a radical shift in women’s health across England

Key deliverables:

  • Research report into developments, issues, and opportunities within women’s health in the UK
  • Communications framework
  • Top level messaging document
  • Messaging workshops

Summary: Shape History was commissioned by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) to develop a communications framework underpinning the launch of a National Women’s Health Strategy, coinciding with the launch of the Women’s Health Taskforce. In 2018, the College announced that its President, Lesley Regan, would be spearheading the Women’s Health Taskforce to significantly improve the health of girls and women across England.

Based on a series of interviews with internal RCOG staff and research into developments within the women’s health sector, we presented a research report with recommendations on how to communicate the Women’s Health Strategy. We then developed a communications framework demonstrating the importance of shifting the national approach to women’s health, with a focus on addressing taboos and breaking down the barriers preventing women from taking control of their own health.

In addition to this, we developed messaging for their new approach to women’s health, which needed to be clear and compelling to reach across their broad target audiences, and to increase understanding and awareness of health issues facing girls and women across their lifetime.