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Terrence Higgins Trust

Get thousands across the UK checking their HIV status.

National HIV Testing Week posters

Key deliverables:

  • Video production
  • Scripting
  • Graphic design of multiple digital and real-world resources

Terrence Higgins Trust: It Starts With Me

To raise awareness of the rise in HIV infection rates during the summer season, we created this powerful campaign to highlight the importance of using a condom and getting tested.

Emote: Creating a simple but stunning set and location, we pulled together a series of fun shoots  featuring a group of friends celebrating the summertime. Two new acquaintances catch each others eyes and sparks begin to fly.

Educate: The campaign directly encourages young people to get tested and to use a condom. Summertime sees a rise in HIV infections across the UK, particularly amongst the LGBT community. All footage joined up with the larger “It Starts With Me” campaign.

Action: Viewers were prompted to go to the landing page where they could share the video on social networks and get tested.

Result: Our video was played as a centrepiece at LGBT pride in London.