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World Bank

Communicate LGBT diversity metrics against economic trends.

World Bank

Key deliverables:

  • Report design
  • Factsheet design
  • Branding
  • Animation

Summary: In 2017, the World Bank collected data within the Western Balkans to discover the impact being LGBTI has on an individual’s economic situation. To date this is the biggest study of its kind outside of the OECD.

The result was a large and comprehensive data set, but one which contained vital insights. From it the World Bank required factsheets that armed local activists with a snapshot of their country compared to the regional average, and an animation that encouraged people already engaged with the topic to read the full report.

Emote: We always start with the heart. When we were initially presented with such an exhaustive set of quantitative data we quickly realised that the human touch might get lost within the numbers. As such, we created highly accessible factsheets and centred the animation on personal stories of fictional respondents developed from the reported averages. This looked to engage the audience on an emotional level, reminding them that behind the numbers are real people many of whom face economic hardship and violence because of the way they were born.

Educate: Both the factsheets and animation are educational tools with a practical purpose. Designed to be easily understood, the factsheets particularly offer local campaigners a handy summary of national and regional statistics to help argue their case.

Action: The animation drives audiences to the full report, and the factsheets equipped people on the ground within the nine Western Balkan nations with the information needed to help keep fighting for equality.

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EU LGBY Survey Technical Report
EU LGBY Survey Technical Report