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World Hepatitis Alliance
Project:  Brand Identity Evolution Cause:  Brand Identity Evolution Deliverables: Brand & Content, Research & Strategy

We worked with the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) to create an emotive evolution of their existing brand that raised awareness of hepatitis and the urgent need for its elimination. The new brand identity reflects and empowers members, as well as behaviourally targets decision makers to take action.


With the WHA at the heart of the hepatitis community, their brand refresh sought to position itself as a human rights and health related organisation. It needed to elicit an emotive response and convey a sense of empowerment and optimism - that we can eliminate hepatitis. As the brand is global, it needed to reflect their global reach.


A brand that brings together a sense of urgency to the space and creates a paradigm shift for their audience to care and generate compassion for the work they do.


Create a brand built upon the foundations and values of the WHA and their ambitious strategy. Taking an optimist approach to the colour scheme and using a variety of shapes and unique icons has allowed the brand to feel dynamic. Our collaborative approach to the revised brand has also created a sense of their truly global community.

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