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Social Change In The News | 27.1.20

January Social Change News

Here’s our run down of 3 hot topics this week in social change…

1 | The role of data & digital in the latest outbreak of Coronavirus

As the death toll and number of those affected rise, we examine the role of data and digital in the global response to Coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) is yet to declare this a global emergency. A debate must now be called on how health data governance and policy, together with digital tools, can support the international response.

Read our full op-ed on the global response to Coronavirus here.



2 | 100 seconds from Armageddon

The hypothetical Doomsday Clock, introduced in 1947 to measure our nearness to Armageddon has now been set to 100 seconds from midnight. In addition to nuclear weapons, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have added catastrophic climate change and disruptive technologies to the rising threats.

How do we combat the refusal of world leaders to act on these critical issues?


3 | ‘Hey, Alexa..’

The Royal National Institute of Blind People and Amazon have made information and advice about living with sight loss accessible through Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. Alexa is now able to quote information directly from RNIB’s Sight Loss Advice Service, in a bid to improve accessibility for more than two million people across the UK who are living with sight loss.

Shout out to the RNIB and Amazon partnership. This, together with the Be My Eyes app (we’ve used it, will you?), are two great examples of how digital technology innovation can be a force for good.

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