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Project:  Extreme Heat in the US Cause:  Climate Action Deliverables: Brand & Content, Purpose Advertising & Campaigns, Research & Strategy

Global temperatures are rising each year. 2011-2020 was the hottest decade on record and it’s only going to continue. With this in mind the Atlantic Council and the Arsht-Rockefeller Resilience Center wanted to run a campaign around extreme heat awareness month, increasing understanding of the impact of extreme heat, reaching city and government decision makers with information on how to take action, and positioning themselves as a key voice on the topic.


Both decision-makers and the general public underestimate the impact of extreme heat. This is particularly the case when it comes to the impact on marginalised communities, people of colour and those who are elderly and/or have existing medical conditions. This lack of understanding leads to thousands of preventable deaths each year.


Our ambition is that city decision makers across the US will provide heat guide guidance and share resilience solution. Increased awareness of extreme heat and positioning Arsht-Rock as a key voice, catalyst, and champion on the issue will also create passion and urgency in the issue of Extreme heat and the impact of it as a ‘silent killer’.


Communicating the scale of the problem of extreme heat was fundamental, creatively visualising information about how dangerous extreme heat is to increase knowledge on key topics such as how to combat it. We also wanted to create urgency by emphasising the levels that urban temperatures can reach and the consequences for ordinary citizens, as well as the deteriorating health outcomes. Finally, we identified organisations that decision makers are likely to follow on social media and targeted these as partners to help amplify the campaign.

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The campaign’s identity uses gradients to visualise heat and plays with subtle waves in typography to imitate heat haze.

Stylised graphs show the steady rise of global temperature

Positive colour gradients highlight planting trees as a solution for combatting extreme heat