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Climate Votes
Project:  Digital campaign Cause:  Climate finance Deliverables: Strategy, Brand, Content, Digital

Climate Votes is a global campaign group comprised of climate finance specialists engaging with institutional investors to use their shareholder power for real climate action. Our partnership started by building a dynamic and bold brand to ensure that Climate Votes is seen as a credible, confident critical friend to investors. Since then, we’ve built a trusted website and run 16 paid and organic campaign strategies (so far!) to inform institutional investors and push them to use their shareholder power to take real climate action.


Institutional investors are enabling companies to continue funding, producing and burning the fossil fuels that put the world on a dangerous and unsustainable trajectory — for our planet, the people who live on it, and the world economies we rely on. More often, we’re seeing climate-fuelled extreme weather events debilitating communities across the world and leaving death and destruction in their wake.


A just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees to prevent further climate destruction.


Real climate action from investors is more pressing and important than ever. If climate chaos — enabled by the investment industry — is allowed to wreak havoc on the world, shareholders will have a lot more to worry about than just their profits drying up. Investors have a responsibility to address climate risk, compel companies to decarbonize and to protect Indigenous rights impacted by corporate operations. If they refuse, investors must vote against boards and replace them with new directors who will take the necessary steps to set their companies on a pathway to a just climate transition.

Working towards the following SDGs
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Our Work

At its heart, Climate Votes is a passionate campaign group, but the audience for the website and campaigns include many high level stakeholders in banks and investment companies. 

The brand needed to clearly visualise the problem and solution, which is where the red and green came in. It demonstrates urgency to push employees to enact change when partnered with strong CTAs. 


Climate Votes has a big vision, but small do-able actions. The collage design is all about building the world we want to see, and it allowed us to visualise scenarios affecting both business and climate in a fresh way. 

Each campaign strategy is unique and created for the target audience. Here ads targeted SBC Group’s investors with this graphic highlighting flaws in the Japanese bank’s climate policy. 

Investors were directed to a landing page on the Climate Votes website which contained further information about an independent shareholder resolution proposed by 350 Japan.

This top performing ad creative named and shamed CalPERS, an American pension fund and net-zero “leader” to step up on their climate ambition in light of the updated Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance (NZAOA) voting protocol.