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Project:  Brand Identity Evolution Cause:  Gender Equality Deliverables: Brand & Content, Digital & Tech, Research & Strategy

EVAW has evolved so much over the last few years that in many respects, the brand had been left behind by the operations and impact of the charity. Our partnership worked to evolve the brand identity and expression to support and drive this growth. To strengthen EVAW as a coalition with a clear vision to end violence against women, in all its forms. Demanding change by practising intersectionality, underpinned by a deep understanding of the impact of overlapping structural inequalities.


The EVAW brand and website needed a refresh to better reflect more progressive coalition values and a clear story of preventing abuse through supporting women and girls to create a vision where women and girls are free from the threat of male violence.


A clear brand and website that reflects EVAW values, vision and the work they do to with primary audiences (warm public, coalition members, UK government)


Evolve the brand and website to more clearly reflect EVAW values, vision and the work they do to with primary audiences

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EVAW’s previous branding was rooted heavily in suffragette themes which they found were dated and no longer relevant to their values. We did a light-touch update to EVAW’s brand, bringing out the passion and emotive drivers in their activism. 

The brand refresh modernised EVAW’s visual and verbal identity, drawing familiarity from the original branding but aligning it with contemporary values and accessibility standards.

The new identity aims to evoke the coalition’s outrage over the world’s current reality but also their optimistic eagerness to bring about change.