A Social Change Company in London & New York

Working together with change makers, we create compelling campaigns that amplify good causes, inspiring audiences to take action.

We work at the forefront of new digital trends, ensuring that dynamic content lies at the heart of every campaign.


We’ve built campaigns in Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Washington, London, Manchester, Paris, Cape Town, Mumbai and Brussels and São Paulo.



Mike Buonaiuto

Founder & Executive Director

Mike Buonaiuto, our Founder and Executive Director, is an award-winning Creative Director who’s spent a decade working alongside organisations, brands and charities that put people over profits. His background has always involved building teams that use creative tactics and digital tools that grow movements, fundraise and drive real-world change. More than anything, Shape History is a vehicle to bring like-minded people together, and to prove that if the model is right, a social enterprise can work to support good causes of any type, with both integrity and a sense of adventure.


Lauren K-L

Head of Campaigns

Lauren has always taken a strong interest in non-profit work; through fundraising, campaigning and organising large-scale events for charities. Graduating University with a degree in Politics and Sociology, she travelled the world, learning a great deal about herself and other people and cultures. She writes a personal blog about gender issues, as well as for the Huffington Post. Lauren has been involved with student, national and local politics, running as a councillor herself as well as campaigning for other candidates to create change, and is particularly passionate about women and girls’ global rights.


Emma Al-Munshi

Campaign Publicist

Moving from the Middle East to the UK at a very young age and having experienced adversity growing up, Emma channelled those experiences into her professional work. From assisting the growth of start-up firm FinanceInterns, to working in entertainment PR, her career thus far has seen her play a proactive role in opening doors to many students wishing to gain a foot on the finance career ladder, to working with personalities, corporates and brands, pushing the inspirational stories behind their success out into the public domain.


Thomas Payton-Greene

Creative Producer

Thomas comes to Shape History with a strong background in film and tv production. A self confessed addict in entertaining audiences, Thomas has raised funding to commission his own film campaigns about tackling UK male mental health in his spare time.


Lewis Parker

Campaign Strategist

Lewis likes the idea that anyone can change the world. Since his early teenage years he has taken a strong interest in working for non-profit organisations and movements. He sporadically writes for the Huffington Post and has previously written and appeared in National Media for his political commentary. He previously worked on national political campaigns and was the Head of Media and PR for Freedom To Donate, a national blood donation campaign.


Oliver Taylor

Creative Producer

With a varied background of street food entrepreneurship, freelance design work and advertising account handling, Ollie has always wanted to produce stunning creative work with a purpose. Having a particular interest in the notion of shared value, with a passion for protecting wildlife and the environment particularly, Ollie loves projects that use creative thought to tackle real problems.