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Mike Buonaiuto


Founder & Executive Director

Mike Buonaiuto, our Founder and Executive Director, is an award-winning Creative Director who’s spent a decade working alongside organisations, brands and charities that put people over profits. His background has always involved building teams that use creative tactics and digital tools that grow movements, fundraise and drive real-world change. More than anything, Shape History is a vehicle to bring like-minded people together, and to prove that if the model is right, a social enterprise can work to support good causes of any type, with both integrity and a sense of adventure.


Head of Campaigns

Lauren has always taken an interest in helping others, whether that’s through non-profit work, fundraising, campaigning, running as a local councillor or organising large-scale charity events. She graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in Politics and Sociology and is particularly passionate about women and girls’ global rights. As Head of Campaigns, Lauren manages the team, ensuring their wellbeing is at the forefront of everything she does. Lauren makes sure that all clients are happy and that projects are running smoothly. She also supports on new business and all finances of the company.


Head of Partnerships

Ed joined Shape History after 5 years at international charity Hope for Children as their Head of Fundraising & Communications. His experience in international development means he has a driving passion towards gender empowerment, social investment & Tech for Good. Having worked on social impact campaigns with everyone from government institutions to tech start-ups, he brings a wealth of experience to Shape History. As Head of Partnerships, Ed leads on all new business & client development, working closely with our creative team to deliver outstanding campaigns & creative strategy that empower our partners to create high-impact social change.

Lewis Parker


Strategy Lead

Lewis likes the idea that anyone can change the world. Since his early teenage years he has taken a strong interest in working for non-profit organisations and movements. Throughout previous years he has worked on large scale political campaigns at both a regional and national level. Lewis leads on campaigns and communications development at Shape History, making sure every tactical piece of work is working to meet the end strategic goals. He also runs workshops with clients around brand messaging, strategic communications, crisis comms and effective social media management.


Production Lead

Louise is a multi-media creative from Manchester, fusing film, photography and design to create just about anything imaginable on-screen. She is an award winning script writer with a passion for visual storytelling and has worked across all sectors from big name brands and budding start-ups to artists, performers, theatres, educational initiatives and social enterprises. Louise has also fundraised for Mind, Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie Cancer Care. As a Campaigns Creative, Louise inputs in all things creative, working across all video pre and post production, creation of storyboards, animation and design work.


Campaigns Lead

Korane has always been passionate about helping people and being an empowering leader. She has previously run the National Citizen Service programme and helped people across social, economic, and legal issues at Citizens Advice. She has degrees in Business and Management; International Security, and loves psychology. Korane cares about preventing young people from following violent or self-harming paths; encouraging social integration and engagement in divided societies; and ending homelessness. As Campaigns Lead Korane oversees the project management of campaigns across the strategy and creative teams to ensure that we deliver excellent quality work.

Matthew Hyndman


Creative Lead

Matthew’s work in social change began in rural Northern Ireland and has taken him to Malawi, Liberia, and South East Asia where he did voluntary work for two years. He graduated in Film in 2012. His interests include, LGBT+ rights within the Christian and sports context. Matt’s role as Creative Lead requires him to have his finger firmly on the pulse of all things creative at Shape History. His main responsibilities include filming and editing projects, brainstorming new concepts, and working with clients to deliver empowering and inspiring work.

Leila Hashemi


Campaigns Strategist

Leila joined Shape History after working in communications roles at the Web Foundation and the Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation. Leila has been involved with women’s rights advocacy, including providing employment support to women from the Middle East and North Africa. She has a degree in English Literature from the University of Warwick.
As a Campaign Strategist Leila is developing Shape History’s external communications and PR, managing events and working with clients on communications and campaigns on a day-to-day basis.


Campaigns Strategist

Ceri is driven by connecting audiences with social issues. Before joining the team, she worked for a Think Tank supporting research on agriculture and nutrition, volunteered in West Nepal on a Girls Education project and worked on CSR campaigns for a multinational tech consultancy. Ceri recently completed a masters degree in Poverty and Development at the Institute of Development Studies. She is passionate about tackling health and education inequalities. As a Campaigns Strategist, Ceri is working with clients on communications and campaigns on a day-to-day basis.


Campaigns Strategist

Jasmine chases innovation and simple ideas that change the world. She has volunteered in international advocacy and campaigning for Oxfam, and volunteered as stakeholder analyst in the Red Cross. Whilst completing a MSc in Public Policy at the University of Amsterdam, she worked as a researcher at the Kinder Foundation, building conceptual frameworks to help donators find effective charities by ranking their competence, impact, ethics, and general persona. She loves finding unique ways to overcome communication problems. As a campaigns strategist, Jasmine works with clients on campaigns and communications on a day-to-day basis.


Campaigns Strategist

Ayesha is passionate about giving voices to disadvantaged groups in society. After the London Riots, she volunteered with local organisations in Croydon which increased her awareness of social polarisation and its effect on strengthening social divisions, often based on class and race. After graduating from UCL, she worked for an interfaith charity that aims to promote a positive change in the way people conceptualise faith communities. As a Campaigns Strategist, Ayesha works with partners on campaigns and communications on a day-today basis.


Campaigns Creative

Kate joins Shape History after studying History at Manchester University and then working for an MP in Parliament. She focuses on video production, working with clients on campaigns and supporting with concept creation, script-writing, pre-production and production. Kate is driven by the desire to fix glaring injustices or organisational failures in society, and is particularly interested in environmental, mental health and women’s rights issues.


Website Developer

Robbie specialises in the wireframing, design and development of engaging and eye-catching modern websites. With over 5 years of online development experience under his belt, his passion for doing good has been demonstrated by working on projects relating to hepatitis, LGBT rights, women’s rights and the environment. He is constantly evolving his skills, making sure that our web offering is cutting edge and reflective of modern audience expectations.


Website Developer

Tom brings to Shape History a rich experience working across a range of third-sector organisations in areas such as HIV, hepatitis, conflict resolution, and education. He passionately believes in the ability of the online world to break down barriers. Working at the forefront of digital technologies, he works with our clients to understand the needs of their audiences and stakeholders, and deliver informative and engaging websites and apps.